Yo mama is like

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Yo mama is like ...

a hardware store - only 10 cents a screw.

a TV - a three year old can turn her on.

a doorknobe - everbody tries to screw her.

a bus - only 50 pence a ride.

a BT phonebox - on every damn corner and costs only 20p a go

an arcade machine - dirty, smelly, costs 20 pence and lasts 30 seconds.

the sun - if you stare at her too long you're gonna go blind.

a Christmas tree - everybody hangs balls on her.

a Bowling Ball - she gets picked up, fingered, thrown into the gutter, yet she still comes back for more.

a stamp - you lick her, then stick her, and finally send her away.

a railroad track - she gets laid all over the country.

a Scooter - everybody ridin her but nobody admitting it.

peanut butter - so smooth, creamy, and easy to spread.

a squirrel - she always got some nuts in her mouth.

a Library - open to the public.

a birthday cake - everybody gets a piece.
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