Grandma and the Football Pool

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Grandma was nearly ninety years of age when she won 1,000,000 pounds on the
football pools. Her family were extremely worried about her heart and feared
that news of her large win would come as too much of a shock for her.

'Think we had better call in the doctor to tell her the news,' suggested the
eldest son.

The doctor soon arrived and the situation was explained to him.

'Now, you don't have to worry about anything,' said the doctor. 'I am fully
trained in such delicate matters and I feel sure I can break this news to her
gently. I assure you, there is absolutely no need for you to fear for her
health. Everything will be quite safe if left to me.'

The doctor went in to see the old lady and gradually brought the conversation
around to football pools.

'Tell me,' said the doctor, 'what would you do if you had a large win on the
pools - say one million pounds?'

'Why,' replied the old lady, 'I'd give half of it to you, of course.'

The doctor fell down dead with shock.

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