Wall Street Protesters in the Future

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Wall Street Protesters in the Future

Dear Son,
The Wall Street protesters kidnapped me on the way to the office and are forcing me to become a janitor. My name is being changed from Trevor to Rocco and my new overalls and work boots have arrived. I have to donate my shoes and socks to the needy radicals; my three piece suit and tie will be burned. My re-education program begins tomorrow. I am smuggling this out with a sympathetic garbageman.

Now for you Son: I agreed that you would join their movement as part of my re-education. Like father, like son. You are guilty too it seems.

You'll have to leave Princeton immediately and join the radicals here.

Your name is being legally changed from Chip to Rising Moon.

Your BMW is being traded in for a 1974 VW bus.

They want you to shave your head. At least that will save on haircuts. No more preppie hair for you son. And you're forbidden to shave.

Bring all your suits, khakis, sports jackets, button-down shirts and tasseled loafers with you. They will be placed on a bonfire. You will be given tie-dyed clothes and you will have to go barefoot.

Don't call me "Father" anymore. I am Rocco to you.

Well, that's all for now. Gotta take off the Ferragamos. My new life is waiting. And so is yours, Rising Moon.

your father and former CEO,

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