A man returns from Safari

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A man returns from Safari and tells his friend about a narrow escape he had.
'I was by the water hole when a lion jumped out at me, so I ran for the tents, says the man. 'It had just about caught up with me when it slipped and i managed to vault over a log. The lion jumped over the log too, but then it slipped and landed on its back. By that time I was almost at the tents and I could see the safari guide with his gun, so i called out and he took aim. But he couldn't fire because the lion was only a few feet behind me. It bounded up at me, then it slipped again, and I had just enough time to duck in the camp before the guide had shot it.'
'Bloody hell,' says the friend. 'If that had happened to me, I'd have crapped myself.'
'I did' replies the man. 'Why do you think the lion kept slipping.'

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